About Us

Our Mission


We are the Town of Olive Democratic Committee, a group of dynamic, innovative, creative and dedicated people who work together to support and elect local, regional and national leaders who will represent our values. Candidates who believe it is important to:

  • Treat all people fairly, with courtesy and  respect
  • Foster sustainable economic development
  • Maintain services and infrastructure within a responsible budget
  • Support local businesses, farms, artisans, youth and seniors
  • Protect our natural resources and environment 
  • Promote education and medical care for all residents
  • Support reasonable safety regulations on firearms

We will work to educate and engage citizens in the electoral process and encourage them to participate in public dialogue on issues that are important to the community. 

Committee Members


The Committee is made up of 10 members, two from each of the five Olive election districts: Boiceville, Olivebridge, Samsonville, Shokan, and West Shokan. Our current members are: Mary Ann Shepard, Chairperson, Richard Allaway, Vicki Chesler, Diane Hagerdorn Susan Jaworski, Anne-Marie Johansson, Mary Anne Wise Malkine, Bill Melvin, Treasurer, Barbara Shapiro, and Sharon Hoyt Sofranko, Secretary.

Get Involved


Join us at our Monthly Meetings, the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Olive Free Library on Route 28A in West Shokan at 7 pm. We welcome input and involvement from all members of the community who are interested in helping promote candidates and policies at all levels of government to enhance the quality of life of our area, while also protecting our environment and supporting education, health, safety and fiscal responsibility.